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Hello There! SO glad you're here! Welcome to my blog! What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s sharing my love for life, fashion, and everything else I love. I love writing about my passions, what interests me, and sharing all of my thoughts with my readers and I truly hope this place becomes one you visit often! Wifestyle Lifestyle is truly my own little passion that I have been waiting to share with all of you! I hope you enjoy browsing my blog and all of the content I have to share with each and every one of you. 

Now for some fun facts about ME (the girl behind the blog):

* I currently reside in Killeen, TX (Central TX that is) However, I was born in GA, grew up in GA, and went to college in GA. Texas is the only state I have lived in outside of GA...so far! 

*Going along with that, I have really grown to love Texas! Not sure exactly what it is, but we just might call this place home a little while longer!

*I have been married for a year to my amazing husband Jack who is currently in the US Army...that makes me an Army wife :)

*We have 2 fur babies, Samson (1) and Layla (almost 2). They keep life very interesting and always have us on our toes! 

*I am constantly sipping on something; coffee, Coke Zero, wine, Spindrift.....you name it!

*I love to travel and try to do so as often as I can! It doesn't take much to convince me to go on a trip, I always have my suitcase packed! 

*I am a total extrovert and thrive being in a group or crowd! That being said, I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends! 

*My favorite color... well you probably guessed it by now: PINK!

Well, I think that's enough about me for now! Thanks for reading all about me!